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Sandberg Financial LLC is fully committed to the protection of privacy interests of individuals who provide us with information about themselves in compliance of the Personal data (Privacy).

The personally identifiable information we collect from the website comprises:

The internet protocol (IP) address of the visitor’s computer, the country from where the enquiry was made, the pages visited, the time at which the visit was made and the type of browser used by the computer.
Where a visitor wishes to send us personal information by completing a form on the site, the information will include identity, personal contact details and any other details the visitor wishes to divulge. In respect of an existing client personal identifier information may include information already in our possession such as personal information, contact details, financial arrangements, portfolio details and user names and passwords to access portfolio information on the Navigator system.
All information supplied by the client in respect of the Financial Needs Analysis is used by only those employees who have a need to access the information to provide the client with prudent and sound financial advice and to provide the client with an ongoing service to the benefit of the client. All staff privy to such information have signed agreements of secrecy as part of their employment contract.
Howsoever information was collected Sandberg Financial LLC, its Directors and employees do not sell, trade, disclose or rent any client information to any third party whatsoever.


All visitors to this site should fully read and understand the following regulations. All information contained within this website is provided to visitors on the basis that it is for information only. It should never be construed that this information will be used for the basis of investment advice. It is the sole responsibility of the visitor to verify with their professional adviser that the information is suitable for their circumstances. Sandberg Financial LLC hereby warrants that the Directors or employees do not warrant the accuracy of this information and does not accept any liability in respect of any errors or omissions (including any third party liability).

All visitors should note that the some of the investments highlighted in this website which invests in securities, mutual funds and similar products are highly speculative and carry a high degree of risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns and the value of investments can fall as well as rise, especially in the short term. No information contained in this website may constitute the distribution of any information or the making of any offer or solicitation to an investor. Visitors should seek professional advice from Sandberg Financial or another suitably qualified financial adviser and read the brochures and prospectuses before making any investment decisions.

Sandberg Financial LLC does not accept any responsibility for the content of third party sites visited through this site. To the best of our knowledge and belief the information contained on the third party sites is from a trusted source. Sandberg Financial LLC does not warrant the accuracy, suitability or appropriateness of the information contained on these sites.

All information used in this website is the property of Sandberg Financial LLC and may not be reproduced, copied, recompiled, de-compiled, disassembled distributed, published, displayed, modified or transmitted in any way without the express written consent of the company.

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